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TELL YOUR STORY(Microsoft Student Associates Program 2014)

MY STORY: “How Microsoft has impacted your life and how you plan to bring a change to the society being a Microsoft Student Associate?” 

       Hi friends !! I am Aravind kumar pursuing my B.Tech in INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY at VELAMMAL COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING AND TECHNOLOGY, Madurai .
         This blog tells you how Microsoft has impacted my life and how i plan to change the society on being a Microsoft Student Associate.
          I have segregated the blog into two for the convenience of the readers.

a.) How Microsoft has impacted my life?

    Microsoft is a multinational technology corporation. It was founded by BILL GATES and PAUL ALLEN in Albuquerque at April 4, 1975.
       Microsoft has been a  part of everyone's life through various means like Windows operating system , visual studio , outlook , One drive , Skype  etc.  

           First and foremost is the windows operating system.It is an Operating System used across the world in most of the systems. I have been using Windows since 2012 and i like the fact that it has been constantly improved in its newer versions with the latest being 8.1 with various versions.

           Next i would like to share about "MS Office". It makes documenting works much easier and it helped revenues up 27 percent during the company's fiscal year 2011. 

          The "Microsoft Security Essentials" and "Windows Defender" which is being given with every windows and has been an important feature to look for. It provides protection of our system and data from malicious software's and hardware's.
         Microsoft not only stopped with just tools but they also provide free online IT Training  on application development for Windows and Windows phone and other Microsoft tools using MICROSOFT VIRTUAL ACADEMY(MVA).
         Microsoft is rocking the mobile industry  with WINDOWS PHONE.The windows phone have so much features and its interface makes it unique among other devices. With the help of SKYPE we can communicate with anyone directly through free video calls.It took the communication to a whole new level through SKYPE.

         Apart from various products their leaders have also made an impact on my life.I am proud to say that Satya Nadella, an Indian-born American engineer was appointed as CEO of Microsoft on 4 February 2014.

            Microsoft had a great CEO like Bill Gates.He is a great inspiration for young minds.

          My dream is to work with Microsoft and to be a part of its wonderful community to enhance my capabilities and to contribute my skills to the society in a useful manner.     

b.)what will I do to bring a change to the society being a Microsoft Student Associate?

        As a student associate my first step is to share my knowledge about new Microsoft Technologies which i get through the Microsoft student associate program to my friends and fellow mates.

          I will try to implement the knowledge i got in a right way.So I like to conduct events in my campus and to give new projects to students and to help them to enhance their capabilities.
           I would like to spread awareness about Microsoft events  like IMAGINE CUP and Bizspark to my talented fellow mates and Juniors.
           I will organize workshops, seminars and other events related to Microsoft Technologies in my campus.

           I like to share my knowledge about latest Microsoft Technologies through Social Networking Sites like Facebook,Twitter and blogs etc.

          It will be my pleasure to get selected as MSA in the year 2014.It will be a great achievement for me and i like to help my society from the knowledge i get through this program.

   Thank You Microsoft for giving me this opportunity and Thank You for all who spent some time reading my blog.

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